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Long Road in Autumn photo by Michael Justice

Creative Advisors

We love what we do.

We believe it should be fun, sometimes ridiculously frustrating, and always rewarding.

Together, we can appreciate both the long road and the destination.

Together, we can be awesome.

What We Do:
Integrated Communications*

We help you navigate your overwhelming communication options.

Think of us as your communications GPS.

We can tell you where you are and how to get to where you want to be.

Think of us as your road service like AAA.

When you get stuck in the snow, run out of gas, or have a dead battery, we can help you get on the road again.

After all, you should enjoy the ride. Sometimes there’s a beach at the end of the road.

What we offer you

We offer skilled, experienced, and personal partnerships to ensure that your communication efforts are:

  • effective
  • accurate
  • integrated
  • cost-effective


Chris designs in the Adobe Suite of products, manages projects from concept to delivery, and aligns print pieces to online media.

Michael works with online tools in content production/management, analytics, website development, e-mail campaigns, image optimization through Photoshop, and researches and finds cutting-edge solutions for almost anything.


Chris has years of experience in graphic design, concept development and production with magazines, advertising, higher education, and events promotion.

Michael’s career spans sales and marketing in retail environments, custom packaging design, and a wide range of printing capabilities. He is an early adopter of design and production of web sites, e-mail campaigns, and integrating media.


We are committed to working closely and honestly with our clients. We believe in perspective, gratitude, and lots of humor. That’s why we are where we are today.

Soft launch

…the Creative Advisors site is a work in progress.

Coming soon, links to:

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