Online Communications

I love my work. Even after more than a decade.

One reason: a worldwide community everyday freely shares knowledge, experience, mistakes, successes, and solutions. Both the medium we work in and the other media related to connecting people, ideas, and resources get better.

Another: despite the frequent, overwhelming challenges and frustrations, there is a continuous sense of accomplishment. In baby steps and in major milestones.

And the final reason: it should be fun.

The difference between work and play is attitude. For a long time the position title in my e-mail signature read: “Developer of Web Euphoria.”

Successful sites require an enormous amount of fun disguised as work. Raising questions. Brainstorming answers. Trial and error. Trial and success.

The goal is not to be overwhelmed but to overwhelm audiences with your site’s usefulness to them.

If you have concerns, questions, suggestions, panic – just e-mail me.

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