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Non-profits and Web Success

Gerry McGovern is a great resource for any organization seeking success online, whether that organization is small or gigantic.

ALthough I am sharing his thoughts especially for my non-profit colleagues, their value extends to anyone working in communications.

Here’s a brief excerpt from his Putting people’s needs first:

As a result of focusing on people’s top tasks (what people really need) and helping them do what they needed to do as quickly and easily as possible, the Norwegian Cancer Society has seen a:

  • 70% increase in one-time donations
  • 88% increase in monthly donors registered
  • 164% increase in members registered
  • 348% increase in incoming links
  • 80% increase in visitors

Gerry McGovern exemplifies the best of the internet — brilliant thinkers and doers who share freely and advocate for better.

My message to you, as a non-profit professional or organization, is that you are not alone.

We are here to help. We study and process information from resources like Gerry McGovern so you can focus on your mission and talents.

Together we can be awesome.

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