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“How Fascinating…”


Benjamin Zander at PopTech

Since my serendipitous introduction to Benjamin Zander’s amazing video, “Benjamin Zander: A world of possibility,” my memory of his presentation style has made me smile and my memory of his message has made me better at whatever I’m doing.

His is the only video on my iPod.

As communicators, we can learn from other creative modes.

Music has messages. Paintings have messages. Dance has messages. Architecture has messages.

Exposing ourselves attentively to other forms can make our work more effective and the process more fascinating.

My discovery of Benjamin Zander came from more than one source but for sure I remember reading about him in Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen.

Garr Reynolds is an excellent resource for anyone whose job or life requires communication success.

After watching “A world of possibility”, I bought Ben and Rosamund Zander’s book, The Art of Possibility.

And watched the TED video: Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music.

I discovered a connection between Zander and another serendipitous find, Jonathan Fields in Radiance and Fascination: The Zander Effect.

Connections to connections.

All good.

All communicating.

The Art of Possibility cover image

The Art of Possibility