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Integrated Communications

Below is a link to how professional or theoretical communicators view the concept of “integrated marketing communications.”

Our take is more basic.

Your catalog should reinforce your web pages.

Your blog should amplify your newsletter.

Your e-mails should look like they were created and sent by the same place that mailed that postcard announcement.

Your presentation to potential subscribers, donors, and grant committees, should mirror the look, echo the message, and appeal to the same emotions and thinking as your other communications.

Integrated communications. Simple, right?

Bonus: time saved from integrating your communication efforts.

Time = money.

Therefore, save money.

Big-time time savings.

Therefore, save big money.

Whether you create a simple, one page style guide, a post-it note on the fridge, or a worldwide communication plan, the result is the same: everyone has access to the answers.

From the way you use colors, format dates and times, capitalize position titles, to spelling the street you are on, all has been decided and is right there for everyone. Inside and outside.

If a new question comes up, just settle on an answer and update.

The good news, you don’t have to create a style guide. We’ll do it with you.

More on style guides shortly. But if you just can’t contain your enthusiasm, here are a couple well done references:

The promised link to “integrated marketing communications.”