If You Use E-mail…

…and you want your e-mails to actually get read by current or potential supporters, customers, advocates, etc., Janelle Estes from the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) has some insights for you.

Summary: Focus on the first 40 characters. Descriptive and well-written subject lines allow recipients to make an informed decision to get more details or move on.

All things from Nielsen Norman are based on excellent research methods. Research that raises questions that most of us never even think of, let alone take the time to ask.

Estes’s report, Email Subject Lines: 5 Tips to Attract Readers, focuses a lot on newsletters but the findings apply broadly to other sorts of e-mail campaigns.

Remember that email is a relationship tool. It’s the best and most cost-effective way to keep in touch with customers over time. Increase the perceived value of a subscription by reducing the likelihood that subscribers suffer the penalty of opening messages they don’t like.

If you want to dedicate yourself to becoming the best informed student and practitioner of effective e-mail campaigns, in your spare time, there is no source better than Nielson Norman.

Or you can contact May Street Creative Advisors, let us do the studying of great assets like NNG, and together we can implement thoughtful and tailored steps that free up your time and boost your effectiveness.

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